Is your student loan payment too high or you'd just like to save money on interest?

Heath Hullihen of Student Loan Insider Presents

How to Improve your Student Loan Payment
Simple ways to pay less on your student loans!

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What we will cover:

  • Review both federal and private options to lower your student loan payment
  • Create a pro/con list to help you make the most informed decision for you!
  • If you decide refinancing your loans is best for you, a review of my top recommended companies to refinance your loans with!

About the Presenter

Heath Hullihen has dedicated his life to helping others achieve student loan success.  He started working for a federal loan servicer where he helped over 25,000 borrowers lower their payments, find the deferment or forbearance that was right for them, consolidate his or her loans, or find loan forgiveness.  He now is a Student Loan Coach where he creates individualized plans that fit each individual's unique student loan situation using both the tools he learned as a Federal Loan Counselor and a few other ones he is sure glad he got his hands on!

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