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Refinance Student Loans

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  • Can transfer Parent PLUS loan from Parent to child’s name and combine spousal loans; have not seen this feature for any other company!
  • No Limit on How Much Can Borrower
  • Forbearance for Hardship
  • Typically equal to or less interest rates than similar companies
  • Offer loans for Graduate/Undergrad  Loans
  • $5,000 minimum


  • If income is less than $50,000 will typically need cosigner
  • Had previous complaints about Efficiency and Service but seem to have been taking steps to streamline service and improve turnaround time

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Get 100 bonus if use referral link and are qualifying new borrower

Offer forbearance for job loss in addition to job training

Entrepreneur Program (no payments 60 months)

Offered MBA program in addition to graduate programs


Fixed loans not available in Nevada; variable in Minnesota/Tennessee

Cannot refinance parent PLUS into student names but hopes to by end of year

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  • Can give loans while in school if qualified (MBA program)
  • Stopping payment if go back to school/Forbearance for hardship


  • Only certain programs at certain schools all masters level or higher
  • Limit of $220,000

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  • I will let you know if you are doing what you should be, should change all your loans to a certain plan, if refinancing is right for you, or a combination of both
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