A quick story of how a counselor can help you!

I worked with a borrower once who was a police officer currently and going to school to be a lawyer.  His question was if he should make a large amount he had saved towards his loans or wait because of PSLF.

I’ll admit at first I wanted to recommend he wait because why spend more than you need to with the forgiveness.  But after talking to him, I recommended he put the money on the loan for two reasons.

1) It will help reduce future interest helping reduce the amount that is paid over time.

2) Because he was training to go to law school, his income long term was going to go up significantly and be relying on PSLF he was handcuffing his future earning potential for the next decade.

Like many my initial reaction was not what was best for the borrower, but I was able to take the time to do what was best for his situation since I was lacking time constraints.  This is something a student loan counselor can do that a regular representative may not have the same ability.

Also I have had cases where people will take lower paying jobs (like 20k lower) because they will still qualify for forgiveness.  In these situations I can help you see if it's more advantageous to pay off your loans yourself then to be handcuffed to your forgiveness plan and kill what may be a golden goose.  As your counselor, I will put you first and do so with your financial interests in mind.

So let's talk and schedule your risk free consultation today!





And remember--if you don't save $5,000*,  you pay nothing!

*Loan term must be 120 months or more with a minimum balance of $5,000. $5,000 is determined by greater of money saved on interest by refinancing or , total monthly payment through changing of repayment plan or projected forgiveness amount.

Depending on income, cosigner may be required. All refinancing decisions made by Darrien Rowayton Bank (DRB).  Student Loan Insider (SLI) is not an agent of DRB nor is involved in any credit decisions. All forgiveness, consolidation, and repayment plan changes are done through the Department of Education. SLI has no special access to or is not affiliated with the DOE. Any changes to loans are through programs offered free of charge by DRB or the DOE. The fee rendered is for paperwork assistance and/or consultation of the borrower’s individual situation. If federal loans are refinanced, federal protections will be lost. SLI has a financial interest in loans refinanced by DRB.