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Questions about Student Loan Insider

  • q-iconWho are you?

    My name is Heath.  I spent several years helping borrowers as a student loan counselor.  Now I have the pleasure of helping individuals with one-on-one plans customized to his or her unique situation.  I specialize in saving money on interest through refinancing, through lower people’s payment through different payment options, and helping those who qualify for loan forgiveness achieve it.  You can read more about me  here.

  • q-iconSo what kind of services do you offer?

    I pride myself on simplicity.  I created one price point of $99.  For that price point I will do whatever you need to help you succeed your goals from refinancing, to lower payment plans, forgiveness programs, form completion, short term deferments and forbearances, etc.

    But I take it one step further.  I offer a guarantee where if I don’t save you at least $5,000* over the life of your loan, you pay nothing.  So basically I let you keep 98%+ of your savings or you pay nothing.  This takes all the pressure out of it.  You can find out more about my program here.

  • q-iconHow are you different than my loan servicer?

    If I was just like your servicer, you’d have no reason to come to me.  So here is a list of how I am different than your servicer:

    -More options for things such as refinancing which is not offered by the Department of Education

    -Able to handle both private and federal loans

    -One person throughout the entire process who will put your interests first

    -Able to give you advice not just lay out options

    -Can help with things that your servicer cannot for legal reasons such as helping with tax questions, budgeting, etc.

  • q-iconHow are you different than a debt relief agency?

    I am not a  Debt Relief Agency but rather a consultant.  What this basically means is I will use every trick in my bag to help you out.  I want to be able to sleep at night so I will not put you into a one size fits all box.  You tell me your goals and we’ll figure out how to get there together.  This type of flexibility is the main difference between an agency with a system and a consultant.

  • q-iconBut I already have so much to pay, isn’t this just another bill?

    This is why my guarantee exists.  If I can help you and you are saving thousands, then it’s not a bill but a net savings (you get to keep 98%+ of your savings).  If not, you pay nothing.  You have nothing to lose!  I am sensitive to the situation you are in and that is why I am doing all I can to put you in a position to win and prosper.

  • q-iconWhen you say “success with integrity” what do you mean?

    I live on these following principles where I put you and your interest first because I believe in serving others above all else.

    As a result:

    -I will teach you about why things are the way they are and help you have a personal better understanding of your student loan situation

    -I will put client’s interests first by not misleading you, include full disclosure where necessary, and showing you how I can take your student loan assistance to the next level

    -I will never ask for personal information such as your social security number and will use trustworthy third parties such as Paypal to take payments

  • q-iconDo you only take local clients?

    I love to have local clients and talk one-on-one, but it’s not necessary.  Thanks to technology, I am able to set up visits by phone, email, or chatting resources such as Google + Hangouts.  I have helped clients from all over the United States, so distance is not restrictive.

*Loan term must be 120 months or more with a minimum balance of $5,000. $5,000 is determined by greater of money saved on interest by refinancing or , total monthly payment through changing of repayment plan or projected forgiveness amount.

Depending on income, cosigner may be required. All refinancing decisions made by Darrien Rowayton Bank (DRB).  Student Loan Insider (SLI) is not an agent of DRB nor is involved in any credit decisions. All forgiveness, consolidation, and repayment plan changes are done through the Department of Education. SLI has no special access to or is not affiliated with the DOE. Any changes to loans are through programs offered free of charge by DRB or the DOE. The fee rendered is for paperwork assistance and/or consultation of the borrower’s individual situation. If federal loans are refinanced, federal protections will be lost. SLI has a financial interest in loans refinanced by DRB.