Student Loans are full of acronyms.  There are common ones that we will use throughout this blog that if  you have any problems you can reference back to.  We will update this list as we go.  If there is one you are unsure of let me know and I will be sure and add it!

AGI-Adjusted Gross Income

ALHT-At least half time (enrollment status)

CAO-Chief Administrative Officer

DLCO-Direct Loan Consolidation

DOE-Department of Education

ECF-Employment Certification Form (for Public Service Loan Forgiveness)

EFT-Electronic Funds Transfer (also known as Direct Debit)

EHD-Economic Hardship Deferment

FAFSAFree Application for Federal Student Aid

FSA-Federal Student Aid

FT-Full-time (Enrollment Status)

HT-Halftime (Enrollment Status)

IBR-Income Based Repayment Plan

ICR-Income Contingent Repayment Plan

IDR-Income Driven Repayment Plan (made up of IBR, ICR, & PAYE)

IFM-Immediate Family Member (Parent, Spouse, or Student on a Parent PLUS loan)

LTHT-Less than Half Time (Enrollment Status)

MPN-Master Promissory Note

FFELPFederal Family Education Loan Program

NSC-National Student Clearinghouse

NSLDSNational Student Loan Database System

PAYE– Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan

POA-Power of Attorney

POB-Proof of Benefits

POI-Proof of Income

PSLF-Public Service Loan Forgiveness

SLDBF-Student Loan Debt Burden Forbearance

TLF– Teacher Loan Forgiveness