Student Loan Myth II: A deferment or forbearance won’t make my payment go up

As we continue part two of leg one, we will cover another common forbearance and deferment myth.  This one has to do with how forbearances or deferments affect your future payments. What you think happens. You are unable to make your payments or a lower payment so you simply sign up for a forbearance or…

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Student Loan Myth I: A forbearance or deferment will always fix negative credit reporting

We will be covering ten of the biggest myths in student loans.  We will be doing them in 3 sets over the next couple of weeks.  The first myth is one of the biggest you hear, that because you a forbearance or deferment, you no longer have your previous negative credit reporting. What you think…

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Welcome to Student Loan Insider.  My name is Steve and I am a student loan counselor for one of the major student loan companies.  Through email and phone I have helped over 10,000 people with their student loan questions. My job everyday is to help people through the crazy world of student loans.  That can…

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