So what is Student Loan Insider?

Thank you for your interest in solving your loans with Student Loan Insider.  My name is Heath and I founded Student Loan Insider as a blog under the name of Steven Snickers (you'll still notice it in places!).  The reason why I used a pseudonym was I didn't want to bring attention to myself or the company I worked for.  And while I will still never tell you who I worked for (I don't want you think I'm representing them!), I like being me.  In fact it's what I do best.  And here is what I can do best for you!

  • Make complicated student loan issues simple.  In fact you'll notice I love examples to spell it out and sometimes do silly things in my explanations
  • Help you bottom line the issue.  Frankly student loans are caught up in too many options.  Sometimes you just need to tell someone what they should concentrate on.
  • Care about you, not me.  Honestly at the end of my time as a loan representative, I felt like I wasn't helping anyone.  I was answering questions and giving facts but because of policy changes (through no fault of my employer) I had to direct everyone in a certain direction whether it helped them or not

Which led us here!

Quick story about me.   Or actually about my dad.  My dad is a serial entrepreneur.  He has started more businesses than I can count and is currently running three concurrently.  He has a knack of seeing a need in the market and seizing it.  And by serving.  The only way to be successful is to serve!

I always wanted to be like this.  In fact I got a huge entrepreneurship scholarship to college (hence ironically avoiding student loans).  I am no where near as good as my father but during my time with the student loan servicer I realized how much of a need there was in the market.  Especially to do it with integrity (after seeing what happened with many 3rd party companies).  What I realized above all else is that often times student loan issues have nothing to do with student loans.  Instead it is a symptom for the following problems:

  • Lack of planning and discipline
  • Lack of budgeting skills
  • Lack of priorities and responsibility
  • Lack of knowledge to make informed decisions

So I am once again going into serving the market (I operated a restaurant for years).  And similar to my father I am going to do it by serving, putting the customer first, and giving them everything I got at a fair price.  If you want more details on how I can help you, click here.

Some closing thoughts about me and how I can help you...

I attended Bucknell University where I got a degree in psychology.  I did so because I love helping people.  Turns out I also hate psychology.  So this is why I enjoy what I am doing so much.

I also am from a small town.  Like less than 500, no stop lights, 3 jobs in the whole place, blink and you'll miss it small town. And I love it.  It has taught me a lot of great values and work ethic.  It also has given me an appreciation for looking out for another person not just yourself.  Which is ultimately why I decided on a money back guarantee.  If I can't successfully help you succeed, there is no reason to collect a fee as you did not benefit.

I want to help.  Helping people is why I decided on my major years ago.  I want to not only make you feel like you are being put first but be put first as much as humanly possible.  So if you want to talk and feel like I may be able to help your situation, I'd be honored to help.

So let's talk and schedule your risk free consultation today!




And remember--if I don't save you $5,000*,  you pay nothing!