Why is interest accruing during my grace period?

So here is the scenario.:

You were told by your school, your friend, or your next door neighbor that you wouldn’t have to start paying interest on your loans until you entered repayment 6 months after you graduate, withdraw, or go less than half time.

Or you knew Unsubsidized Loans accrued interest but your Subsidized Loans are accruing interest while you are in grace and they shouldn’t.  That is why they are subsidized right?

Well interest during grace is so complicated that I’ll break it down point by point:

-If you have Unsubsidized  Loans they will accrue interest from day one (even while in school)

-If you have Subsidized Loans:

-The government will pay your interest if they were disbursed before 7/1/12 or on or after 7/1/14

-The borrower is responsible for the interest if they were disbursed on or after 7/1/12 but before 7/1/14

Also remember to make payments on your interest if you can as once you exit grace any interest that exists will get added to the principal through capitalization.

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