Do I have to make payments on each sequence?

Since all your student loans appear on one bill from a servicer it is easy to forget they are all separate loans.  However you do have to remember to pay the full amount of each installment to avoid delinquency.

A common reason I see people being delinquent is as follows:

The borrower has 4 installments on a bill.  All for $25.00.  The borrower sees the total of $100.00 at the bottom and decides because loan one has an interest rate of 6.8% and the rest have a interest rates below 5% that he wants to put all the money towards his highest interest loan.  When he does this is how the loans are satisfied.

Loan 1: $25-$100.00 paid

Loan 2: $25-$0.00 paid

Loan 3: $25-$0.00 paid

Loan 4: $25.00-$0.00 paid

This will leave the other three loans are delinquent and subject to calls, letters, negative credit reporting, etc.  Just think of it as if you ignored you house, and car bill to pay the higher interest credit card.  You still must pay all the minimums.

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