Why paying back your loans are important

I know that most people feel as though our government just prints money (and in many cases it feels like they do) but in theory money is not plentiful (though again it doesn’t feel this way with all the borrowing that goes on with the government).

This will come across as soap boxy but for those who borrower money after you, it is important for you to pay back your money.  Now we try to be as accommodating as possible.   There are plans available based on your income, forbearances and deferments when you need it, really it is rare (though does happen) when a borrower is out of options.

However the time will come when these loans do need paid back.  That way the money plus the interest can be used to give loans to future students.  Also it is needed (especially the interest) to put money into the pool that is used for unfortunate circumstances such as death or total disability discharges.

I didn’t want to originally write this post and come across as “that guy.”  But I guess I’m old school in the sense that I believe if you borrow money it should be paid back and that your actions don’t only affect you.  Do remember though it doesn’t matter what path you take towards repayment as your servicer is always there to discuss any option you may need for successful completion of your loans and helping you overcome any roadblocks that may come up.

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