What is reported to the Credit Bureaus by my student loan company?

Everyone knows that student loan companies can (and will) report non-payment to the credit bureaus.  But the list if greater than that.  Here is what else is reported every month:

-Whether loan is current or how delinquent it is; also if on a forbearance or deferment

-Outstanding balance of each of the borrower’s loans

-Installment amount (this is not listed until repayment schedule is created once a loan enters repayment)

-Minimum frequency loans must be paid (monthly for loan companies)

-Total amount of loans made to borrower

-The date the loan is discharged (within 30 days of date lender is notified loan is officially discharged)

-The date the loan is paid in full (done within 90 days of paid in full status)

-Any other information required by federal or state law

The credit bureaus that are reported to monthly are Equifax, Innovis, TransUnion, and Experian