How to update your enrollment if you attend multiple schools

In order to qualify for an In-School Deferment or In-School Status you must be enrolled as at least a half-time student at a Department of Education approved school.  In addition this status is determined by your school.

But what if you have to go to a second school to take a class that the first school didn’t offer?  What if with this class you’d be at least half time according to your school but without it you wouldn’t?  What can you do?

The answer is called a Consortium Agreement.

A consortium agreement is used for student loans when a student wants to take the enrollment from their main school and their secondary school and combine these hours in order to qualify for an appropriate enrollment status.  This is also used with financial aid offices so students can get the appropriate amount of aid.

In order to qualify to use this agreement the classes must be part of your program through the school and the courses taken at the second school are not offered at your main school or your degree completion would be significantly delayed due to course sequencing and/or prerequisite requirements at your main school.

If you are interested doing to this please talk to your main school.  It is their responsibility to fill out the form that will be turned in to your servicer to update your status.

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