Inside My Favorite Things: Following Up

We have focused much of our favorite things on the Ask a Manager series.  But even the things that don’t focus on this site is all surrounded around getting extra money.  You can’t get money without a job.  The best way to get a job is what happens after the job–the follow up.

This is especially important because following up has evolved a lot over the years.  The advice that existed 20 years ago is in many cases no longer relevant.  If you don’t know that it can be costly.

I actually have a personal experience in this in how Alison’s advice helped my family.  My wife was using much of the old job searching advice (mainly cold calling, sending hand written notes, etc.) and getting no results.  After using the Ask a Manager advice she got interviews with three big companies and ultimately got a great job.  Here is the advice from Alison hopefully it helps you as well and ultimately leads to a great job and student loan success.

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How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager

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