Do I have to change my name?

When it comes to student loans and name changes some take the approach that they want to change their names on everything quickly while others seem to not care (it is still them after all!).

The question is do you need to change it?

The answer is the same as always.  Depends.

Is it required?  No.  But I always recommend it because it can cause problems down the road.  I have seen situations where a person will apply for a deferment for example and have it denied because the pay stubs (under the new name) don’t match the application (under the name on file).  Now if you just make your payments month in and month out with no frills it probably shouldn’t matter, but why risk it?

Every company has different procedures for name change.  Some are verbal while others require proof such as driver’s license or a social security card copy.  Either way taking a little time today may save a headache tomorrow.