Need a job or better job to help pay for your loans? You need this book

I am planning a project right now around what I have boards dedicated to on Pintrest.  “How a Student Loan Servicer pays His Student Loans.”  Since I don’t have any it would be how he helps his wife pay her loans.  One of the biggest ways is by making more money.  This brings me to today’s review.

I am constantly hyping up Alison Green.  Honestly she is the best at what she does, not to mention the singular inspiration to what I am currently doing.

As a result I’d like to take the time to review her book:

If you love the advice from a student loan insider, you must have this job insider information as well!

How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager

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Why it is awesome:

Alison pulls absolutely not punches what so ever.  She will tell you exactly how it is and frankly make you realize you have been doing it wrong all this time.

Both my wife and I have benefited tremendously from this book.  Want to know how I became a student loan representative?  I had just worked years running a restaurant but could not longer take the drain of 16 hour days.  So I took the first job available using my degree and it was horrible.  I dreaded going to work every day.  I applied for some other jobs but to no avail.

My wife had a similar plight.   She managed the business she was working in for years before the business was sold.  All of a sudden the new person was offering her the same money for double the work and it seemed hopeless.

So what did we both promptly do?  Naturally we went to Staples, bought resume paper and took those resumes around to 25 businesses trying to get hired.


In fact I distinctively remember talking to my parents saying “I guess no one wants to hire people anymore.”  I felt like the whiny kid I constantly complain about.

However I am a self-proclaimed self help nut so I went looking for job searching advice for my wife and I.  What I found was Alison’s blog Ask a Manager.

You know what you aren’t supposed to do?  Go door to door 

You know what it doesn’t matter if you use?  Resume paper

You know what you shouldn’t have on your resume?  An objective

You know how many of these things we were doing wrong?  All of them

Do you know what started happening after we listened to this advice?  We got interviews and both have amazing jobs

So my experience alone has made me want to endorse her.  If you agree with me and want to try it out here is the link.

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Honestly for $24.95 its a no-brainer.  In a 40-hour work week that is making an extra $.60 an hour and you have paid for this book.

I give out deferments and forbearances all day.  The reason why is often times because of unemployment or underemployment.  The reason why people are in these situations is because they don’t know what to look for.

Here is how I look at it and ultimately the final analogy I will use.  I went into my training at work knowing nothing about student loans.  Now I feel like an expert.  As an “insider” I am trying to share this experience with others so they make the right choices.

Alison has hired, fired, and done day to day managing.  If you want to succeed in student loans or job searching you have to listen to those who have been in the trenches.  This is where the insider perspective is so unique.

Now I will admit you use this link I will make money off the sale.  But you know what I made no money of off?  All the times I wrote about her (almost 10 at this point) telling you how awesome she is.  I do it because I care about you and want you to succeed.  We can’t do it without money and a great job.  If you have any questions about this product let me know.

In closing I would never try and endorse something I haven’t tried and this is a top notch product.  Make paying student loans and other daily tasks easier by getting that job you always wanted today!

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