My Direct Debit is active, why am I still delinquent?

So here is the scenario:

You successfully sign up for Direct Debit.  However after doing so down the road you realize your account is still delinquent and can’t figure out why.  Here are 2 possibilities

1) Your Direct Debit has not started yet.  Just because you are enrolled doesn’t mean it has began.   Sometimes there is a one month window before Direct Debit pulls to keep from double payments.

2) You suspended your Direct Debit and never caught back up.   Often times when you are delinquent your servicer may use a forbearance to catch you up before your Direct Debit begins so you don’t start off behind.  The reason for this is because Direct Debit will only pull your monthly payment plus what extra you request.  It will not account for what you are behind on.

So let’s say you had to suspend your Direct Debit for a month but never did a forbearance or deferment.  That would mean you would be a payment behind.  And while every month on your due date you Direct Debit would bring you current.  The next day you would be behind again.  This would put you basically in a perpetual approximate 30 day delinquency cycle.

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