Inside My Favorite Things: Salary

One of the easiest ways to pay off your loans is by making more money.  Easier said than done right?  Well one of the best ways to do this is through raises.  And as always when we need job advice we are turning to my ultimate favorite thing in Ask a Manager.

Not only does Alison tell you how to get a job but helps you once you get it.  Salary is just one of those ways.  She covers both raises down the road and job offers.

Here is what Alison has to say on the topic:

Now the question is what do you do with the extra money?  If you weren’t making your payments before then being able to make them is an obviously advantage.  But if you could make them already, do remember that student loan interest accrues daily, so the more money you pay towards you loans that less interest that will accrue.  The possibilities are endless once you are able to get the money in your pocket!