4 reminders of common topics I encountered this week

While I know we covered many of these things already, these are things that have come up in calls and emails during the previous week.  I want to reiterate them (or in some cases introduce them for the first time).  Hopefully these people’s questions will help you.  If you have questions of your own feel free to shoot me a message!

-You cannot have a second grace period on a loan once you’ve used up the first

-Your Repayment Start Date is not the same as the date your first payment is due

-When you make a payment more than the amount due you do not have to specify “principal only”.  Any payment made over 120 days after disbursement is applied the same (interest that has accrued, rest to principal) no matter what is specified

-We base your enrollment off what your school certifies.  This typically does not get updated until about a month after you begin classes.  As a result it is typically to still be in a grace or repayment status at this point.