Something you should be aware of if you use

I love Mint.  The website not the food.  I love it so much I had decided originally to add it to my Favorite things.  Two things stopped me.

1. I don’t use it anymore

2. The reasons I don’t use it anymore

Like I said I still love it, but the reason I don’t use it anymore is it got my wife locked out of her student loan account (not to mention a few other ones) on more than one occasion.  I don’t know if this is the case of all companies but I know it is for hers and for the one I work for.

The reason for it is because of security questions.  Automated sign in programs like Mint are not able to answer security questions just put in user name, password and access their info.  Some website let you bypass these things after a time or two, some do not.  As a result you can often times find yourself with a locked website and have to contact your servicer to get it unlocked.

Now this was annoying enough for me to stop using it and to do my budgeting elsewhere.  But honestly I still love the concept of Mint and encourage you to do whatever you can to budget your money.

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