What is the application process for total disability discharge?

If you believe you may qualify for this, the first thing you do is apply through the Nelnet Total Disability Discharge group.  You can contact them by calling them at 888.303.7818  or going to disabilitydischarge.com.

Here is how the process works.  When you inform Nelnet you want to apply for TPD discharge, the following things occur:

-The information needed to apply for this discharge are given to you

-Nelnet TPD Discharge will review their records to identify what loans if any qualify.

-They will contact your loan holders and instruct them to place a collection suspension forbearance on your account.  This forbearance can be for up to 120 days.  During this time the following things happen:

1) You fill out the application

2) Your information is researched

3) The application is processed

If the application is not returned and the process is not completed within this time frame, your loan holder will once again resume collection and payments will become due.

Finally once all the required documentation has been received and it has been determined that you appear to meet the requirements to be eligible for this discharge, your request will be forwarded to the Department of Education.  The DOE will then make the final decision.