What documentation is needed for Teacher Loan Forgiveness?

The main reason a Teacher Loan Forgiveness is denied is when a borrower does not provide all the documentation necessary.  Your application will lay out everything that is needed to qualify.  This can sometimes vary based on the borrower’s highly qualified teaching background.  However is a list that will hit the most commonly missed items:

-The Chief Administrative Officer must complete section 3 of the Teacher Loan Forgiveness application

-If the borrower taught at more than one school, different forms must be filled out for each school by the proper CAO

-The application is sent in too early.  You must have completed your 5th year of teaching in order to apply for this forgiveness.

The CAO is the official who has access to the borrower’s employment records and is authorized to verify the borrower’s qualifying employment.  The CAO may be a Principal, Assistant Principal, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, or other qualifying official.

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