Inside My Favorite Things: Finding the Right Job Advice

One of my favorite things about the Ask A Manager information is the frankness.  Alison is not afraid to call a group of people out when they are wrong.  Among those that find themselves in her cross-hairs the most is the career centers at colleges.

According to her various posts among the biggest sins that are being committed by career centers are giving outdated advice from people who have not hired or have not hired recently.  In fact that may prove to be the biggest problem, if you do not have the real world experience you may not know if your information is perhaps more harmful than helpful.  This advice can include putting that you will call to schedule an interview, just showing up at the office unannounced, or using a gimmick to get a job, among many other things.

I know I sound like a broken record but since I respect Alison’s writing so much I don’t want to butcher it up as she doesn’t try to give student loan advice.  So as always here is a link to the info, happy reading and take notes!