Why hasn’t my password reset gotten to me yet?

Doing emails for a Saturday and Sunday night can be fairly monotonous as they begin to feel all the same.  Here is the basic jist.  Borrower emails in and says “I tried to get into my account and hit ‘reset password’ but it hasn’t gotten here yet.  Please fix this.”  You go in to fix it only to find that 15 minutes later the password arrives.  So basically the borrower waited 5 minutes didn’t get it and emailed in about it.

Now this isn’t the borrowers fault because when I sent a password reset over the phone I say “this can take up to an hour but usually happens a lot faster.”  This is because email systems often times run by a “batch” system where they get sent out after it hits so many or when the time limit is reached, whatever occurs first.  And since the email doesn’t tell them that they assume it should be instantaneous.

The rule of thumb for many emails is one hour.  This is for general forms such as deferment forms, password resets, etc.  For things that require someone to sit down and craft a response the processing time will be days, not hours.

Of all the topics I will cover this is probably the least important.  But nobody wants to take time to write their servicer if they don’t have to so consider this 2 minutes of your life you just got back!