How much is forgiven for Teacher Loan Forgiveness?

There are two levels of forgiveness for Teacher Loan Forgiveness.  One level is $17,500 while the other level is for $5,000.  Here is the distinction between the two:


-Full time in an elementary school as highly qualified special education teacher for children with disabilities.  The children’s disabilities must correspond to your special education training

-Full time in secondary school as a highly qualified special education teacher.  The same criteria as above apply.

-Full time in a secondary school as a highly qualified mathematics or science teacher


-Full time in a secondary school in a subject area relevant to your academic major or as a highly qualified secondary school teacher

-Full time in an elementary school where the teacher demonstrated knowledge and teaching skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and other areas of elementary school curriculum OR as a highly qualified elementary school teacher

If you previously qualified for the $5,000 and then began work that qualified for the $17,500.  You can receive the additional $12,500 but you must work an additional five years.  In essence you cannot mix and match but are able to spend five of one or the other and receive those funds.