Can I get an Income-Driven Quote in writing?

There are a lot of casualties in the name of legality.  Sometimes you just have to CYA.  One of the things this prohibits servicers from doing is giving different types of repayment quotes.  Both of them revolve around Income Driven plans.

The first thing is while we can give you estimates over the phone, we can never give them to you in writing.  The reason for this is that even if the word estimate is in there any written number can be used as a contract and since estimates are close but rarely right, it is best to just stay away from them.

The second thing along the line is any type of repayment schedule once you are on an Income Plan.  The reason for this is that since you are making a payment lower than your usually payment but trying to get back onto a set plan, there are way too many factors to accurately predict that your payment will be on an alternate repayment plan.  And because of the reasons above, we just can’t provide this info in writing.

But remember this is just in writing.  If you want to know roughly where you may be we can certainly give you verbal estimates, just call in and ask.  We will help you however we can but you got to keep the lawyers happy!