Why Spousal Consolidation Loans Suck #1–Forbearances

They say more than half the marriages in this country end in divorce.  This is why spousal consolidations were such a horrible idea.  They are a four letter word around our office, so much so that I was having a conversation tonight with a coworker when another walked by and said “spousal consolidations–ewww.”

Here is the things about them, I believe that people should combine their money for marriage.  We pay my wife’s loans with our money.  But that doesn’t mean if I had student loans that her and I should put them together.

One of the reasons (among so many) that these loans are horrible is a simple General Forbearance.  Normally when you call in for a forbearance it can be done over the phone.  With these in order to do so both parties must be present.  Which they never are.  If you are not doing it that way you must submit a separate form for both you and your spouse.  If the two of them are not talking this can get super yucky especially if one is being spiteful.

Obviously if you have one there is nothing you can do about it, but if the government is ever stupid enough to offer them again stay far far away!

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