A few reminders…

We have hit the busy busy season at work.  As a result we are hitting a whole bunch of topics that come up a lot.  Even though we have tackled these in the past, if they have questions I’m sure you do too so here we go.  A few reminders:

-Parent PLUS loans cannot be transferred to the child.  In addition only the borrower can get on the online account.  Also remember the criteria for deferments, forbearances, etc are based on the parent!

-If you separated from school and re-enroll, your status does not update until you begin classes.  Also if payments come due you must make them (or do a forbearance or deferment) until your enrollment status updates

-The new White House initiative does not begin till the end of 2015 at this point.  So pointing out your payments are not at 10% of your income is not effective at this point.  But as I have said before, as more details come out we will know what we can and can’t do!

If there are questions you have that I haven’t covered, let me know!