For Teacher Loan Forgiveness, is just being a teacher enough?

In order to qualify for Teacher Loan Forgiveness, you must have taught five consecutive complete academic years in an eligible Title I elementary or secondary school.  Just being a teacher is not enough, you have to be teaching an eligible subject matter at a qualifying school.

By eligible subject matter it depends on the subject but usually being a regular subject elementary teacher or a high school teacher or special education teacher at either level will qualify.  An example of a position that would not qualify for is Librarian.  As always just give your servicer a call and they can help you out and get you pointed in a direction as far as qualification.  This program is run through the Department of Education and they are the final determiners of what qualifies and what does not.

Just a few more housekeeping notes in terms of qualification:

-An academic year is defined as one complete year at the same school or two complete and consecutive half years at different schools.

-Half years exclude summer sessions but generally fall within a 12 month period.  If you teach a school that has year round instruction, nine months in considered an academic year.

-If you teach at multiple schools, you must submit one application per academic year

-To find out if your school is a Title I school you can use the following website:

-In order to qualify your school must be listed as an eligible school for the first of the five consecutive years.  However if the school is removed during years 2,3,4,or 5, you can still apply for this forgiveness.

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