Inside My Favorite Things: Resumes

Disclaimer:  Please remember that I do not get paid for these endorsements and that my views do not represent the view of these companies.  I just love these products and think you may too!

I started this month pumping up Ask A Manager and the superb cover letter advice and I am going to going to continue by doing the same thing for her resume advice.  After all what is a great cover letter without a strong resume to back it up.

Similar to what I stated previously, Ask A Manager gives great overall career advice that will help you land that next job that will put you on the road to paying off your loans.  In terms of resumes, Alison covers things such as not describing job duties but instead accomplishments, what should and shouldn’t be on your resume, and what length is appropriate.

As always she can do that 1000x better than I can so here is the link and enjoy!  Outside of dispensing great student loan advice if I can accomplish one thing it is for you to either learn something yourself or pass on to someone who needs it from this site as it is one of the best resources out there.