Heard about the proposed changes to Pay as You Earn and PSLF? This will help outline them

I love learning about student loans.  Luckily there are many smart people out there covering this topic.  One of them is Educated Risk.  Through his site, the proposed changes to the Income-Driven Repayment plans and the Public Service Loan Forgiveness were outlined.  In this article he talks about the following issues:

Proposal History


New Limitations to PAYE Program

Possibly capping of the PSLF program

Expansion of PAYE to all borrowers

Expansion of Perkins Program

Effective Date

Naturally none of this is set in stone or even wet cement but it at least gives a look at what is proposed.  Do remember anytime things are put through Congress they are changed and rechanged many times and your loan servicer will not be able to speak to them until anything is finalized.

Here is a copy of the analysis done by Educated Risk: