Should you go to Grad School?

It is no secret that Ask a Manager is one of my favorite things.  Though she gives work place advice it often times touches on student loan topics.  In an article she wrote as a contributing piece to US News she covers the topic of whether or not you should attend grad school:

There are a couple of points I want to highlight from this article:

-In some situations grad school will make it harder for you to get a job, not easier.  As is explained in the article, this is because employers assume if you are applying for something that is not in your field that you will leave if you have a masters in a different area

-You will run up significant student loan debt that will affect your decisions in life.  Studies (outside this article) have dictated this may decide what job you take, where you live, even who you marry (there seems to be a developing trend that people with high student loan debt shy away from those in a similar situation)

-Also highlighted in the article is that grad school will take away from time that you may be able to be gaining valuable work experience.  This very well could hurt not aid your overall goal.

As I have said before please read the article as it articulates many of these points in a great way.  The overall idea here is to remember that grad school is not the answer if you don’t know what else to do.  Like all important life decisions, make sure you weigh out all the pros and cons before moving forward!