Pick a minor you love but a major you can make some money in

I am doing today’s post from the airport so we should return to some normalcy once I am reunited with Photoshop.  I appreciate the patience!

We will now take a moment from student loan knowledge for a life rant that has a lot to do with student loans.  There seems to be a misconception among some (my mother was one of them) who believed that just going to college was all that mattered.  It didn’t matter what you majored in as long as you left with that degree.

This led to the idea that you should major in what you love and follow your dreams.  Noble concept but not great for paying your grocery bill (not to mention your loans). While the recession has magnified this problem this philosophy is really stupid.  I am all for dream following but we all should be a bit more practical.  Employers are looking for marketable skills and you go to college to develop those skills.  While college is great for getting life-long friends and exploring new ideas, it also a place to develop the knowledge needed for employment.

What this means is before you enter college and pick a major, have an idea what that major means first.  If you have a history degree you probably should plan on either being a tour guide or a teacher if you dont want to be a waitress/waitor instead (a noble profession but not a degree requiring endeavor).

The solution to find the perfect balance?  Minor in what you love, major in a career path.  Meaning if you love photography great take as many classes as you can, but have that business degree to back it up.  It may even help you someday if you are lucky enough to start a photography business!

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