When will my qualifying PSLF payments update?

As covered previously, to get on the PSLF program you need to send in an Employment Certification Form (ECF) to your servicer (which in this case would be FedLoan since they handle all PSLF).  Once the servicer receives the ECF they verify your employment qualifies, then they look and see how many payments qualify.

This is only done when a new ECF is received.  So even though in theory you could send one in 2009 and the next one not till after 120 payments are made  in 2019 it may not behoove you to do so.  The reason is mainly because you want to make sure all your payments qualify.  Let’s say you accidently didn’t know certain plans don’t qualify for PSLF and you make payment for 5 years under that plan without sending in a new ECF.  That is five years of wasted payments that had you sent in a new ECF previously could have been avoided.

According to Fed Loan’s website once your payments are counted they will update the borrower’s website with the number of qualifying payments.  As mentioned before, if you have specific questions about PSLF, it is best to contact one of FedLoan’s Loan Forgiveness specialists at 855-265-4038.

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