Inside My Favorite Things: Books

Disclaimer:  Please remember that I do not get paid for these endorsements and that my views do not represent the view of these companies.  I just love these products and think you may too!

Even before I discovered Dave Ramsey, I was lucky enough to still have some common sense.  This meant not getting anywhere near the college book store when it came to books.  They are overpriced and the buy back it pitiful.

In fact in many cases (not all) if you buy one edition older you can get the book for pennies on the dollar and still have no problems in the class.  This may not work for things that are constantly updating or for classes you have to do homework out of like Math but let’s face facts the date of the Civil War will never change.

When you spend less it lets you 1) Take out less loans  and 2) Have extra money to put towards your loans.  Now that you are staying away from the book store go to to get your school books.  I have been telling people this tip for years and it is amazing.  While some of my peers were paying $150 for one text book I was getting my whole semester’s’ worth for around the same amount or slightly more.  You can buy competitively straight from Amazon, buy used from someone who previously bought the book, or even rent!
No matter which option you choose the result is the same.  You save money!  Plus if you get to sell them back the value you get is so much more even after the fees.  So do yourself a favor and visit, it is an amazing resource!