Please stay civil!

This will make me sound “preachy” or mean but hear me out real quick. Please be nice to the representative you talk to. No matter how bad you think the company is treating you, and often times your anger is justified, please do not take it out on the person who answers the phone.

I do not like to think of myself as being in a call center. Honestly I think of call center jobs as ones that require no education or knowledge. I have both. I counsel people on their issues daily and love doing so with the heart of a teacher. I also could never survive in a true call center environment as I am also very sensitive. There have been times (not till after the call) that borrower’s have brought me to tears. It was never my fault; they had unfortunate situations that I was attempting to help them with.

Naturally I am not talking about someone who is being rude to you. But we are generally pretty nice people and (with a few unfortunate exceptions) very knowledgable. Give us a chance to help you out or find someone who can.

There are many many borrower’s that will even apologize before hand and it helps. Something as simply as “I know this isn’t your fault I’m just frustrated with the situation or your companies handling of the situation” goes along way. We generally are used to frustration but we are just human.

Which is what the most important thing to remember is. You are speaking to a human. A human that in many ways is just like you. So not to enact the golden rule, but if you don’t want treated that way, don’t treat someone else like that. Let’s be decent and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.