A example of why you should talk to your Congressman if you are unhappy

I always feel like people feel as though I’m pushing them off whenever I tell them this, but if you have a problem with student loan rules, tell your congressman.  The reason for this is because your servicer does not make the rules.  They are simply following rules that were created by Congress.

Congress sets interest rates.  Congress created the forgiveness programs (including the standards for them).  Congress sets payment plans that are available.  So if there is a problem you want fixed, they are the ones to talk to.

Case and point is the new bill being introduced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren. I am sure you have heard of it but if not here is an article about it.


I am not going to take time to debate the politics of it.  Personally there are things with it I agree about and things I don’t, but I’m not here to give my political opinion.  What is most important is that whether this passes or not, it shows that if you want something to change, go to those who have the power to change it.  And hopefully, like in this situation, they will listen!