Inside My Favorite Things: Cover Letters

Disclaimer:  Please remember that I do not get paid for these endorsements and that my views do not represent the view of these companies.  I just love these products and think you may too!

We will take some time to delve a little deeper into my favorite things and how they can benefit you.  I already told you why Ask a Manager is my favorite blog to read.  But what you may or may not realize is how helpful it can be to those with student loans.

Let’s face facts.  The easiest way to pay off your loans is to have a great income.  Without a great income you are definitely in an uphill battle. The one way to get this income (though there are others) is by getting a new job (or a job if you find yourself unemployed).

This is where we will focus today in terms of Alison’s information.  Her job hunting advice is amazing.  The one thing she totally changed my perception on is cover letters.  Before reading her blog I always wrote basic bland cover letters that reiterated my resume.

A cover letter is designed to cover things that your resume can’t and allow the employer to get to know you.  They are a chance to let your personality shine.  There is such great advice that AAM gives in terms of them such as when writing a cover letter to act like you are telling a friend about how great of a fit you’d be for that particular job.

But enough of me trying to explain to you how great it is, let’s let her work speak for itself.  While you are there delve into her other sections, it is worth the read!