Favorite Things: Dave Ramsey

Its the next installment of our “favorite things” series.  Today we will look at financial guru Dave Ramsey.  Disclaimer:  Please remember that I do not get paid for these endorsements and that my views do not represent the view of these companies.  I just love these products and think you may too!

Who it is: Dave Ramsey is an author, radio host, and speaker whose subject matter focuses very strongly on encouraging people to avoid debt, get out of debt and stay out of debt.  He has hosted a radio show since 1992 and is the author of many successful books including his most famous, The Total Money Makeover.

What it is:  Dave Ramsey is all about getting out and staying out of debt.  He does this by any means necessary meaning he is all about “creative solutions.”  His radio show is almost exclusively phone calls and he is all about helping people solve their financial problems and find financial freedom (or peace as he would refer to it).  Most of this is surrounded around budgeting.

Why I love it:  I am so glad I found Mr. Ramsey when I did riding home from college.  As a result I am ironically a student loan representative without student loans.  He has helped shape my thoughts on money and belief that “where there is a will, there is a way.”

Why you should love it too:  One word-budget.  As Ramsey describes it “it is giving every dollar a name and telling your money where to go.”  This really helps when you are planning for your student loans.  Paying loans can be tough and having a plan helps immensely.  There are many things he does that is helpful (which we will cover) but the budget is king and will become your best friend when it comes to loans.