4 things you may not know about enrollment status

When it comes to Enrollment statuses, Half-time, Full-time, less than half time can all get really confusing.  Here is some basic things to help you out:

1. Your status is updated by your school, not your servicer

Your servicer has nothing to do with your status.  Your school will update automatically or manually depending on the school and based on that update your servicer will update your account.  If your status is not updated, the best place to start is the school.

2. Often times it is updated automatically, but can be updated by you

Most schools use the National Student Clearinghouse or National Student Loan Database System to update servicers.  However you can get an In-School Deferment form from your servicers website to have the school update it for you or have the school send an Enrollment Verification letter straight to your servicer

3. Just being in school is not enough

You must be attending school at least half time.  What half time is depends on your school.  If you are attending school but not as a half time student, you will still be in repayment and not eligible for In-School status or deferment.

4. Your updates are not dependent on whether or not you receive financial aid

Even if you do not take out loans, your school will still update your status automatically, if that is what they typically do.  On the other end, just because you receive loans from the Department of Education that does not mean your servicer through the DOE instantly knows about your status.

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