I’m not withdrawing, I’m taking a semester off

I had a borrower call in the other day that wanted to know why her loans were in repayment.  Turns out she had yet to graduate but was taking a year off to work and did not expect her loans to enter repayment since she had not yet graduated.

I don’t know who is perpetuating this misinformation but you do not have to be graduated to have your student loans in repayment.  I believe it is schools who “and then you will get six months after graduation” is a lot easier to say then “you will get 6 months after you withdraw, graduate, or fall less than half time based on our enrollment standards.”

Think through this argument for a second, if you didn’t have to pay until you graduated and you left and never went back, then the schooling you did take would never get paid for and there would not be money left for others to take advantage of similar opportunities.

It is perfectly okay to take a semester off because your school didn’t have the class you need or to work, or for whatever other reason.  Just before you do, know the consequences, and have a plan of action ready to deal with your loans while you do!