My Favorite Things: Ask A Manager

It is time for the first installment of our “My Favorite Things” series.  Today we look at the blog of job search guru Alison Green, Ask a Manager.

Disclaimer:  Please remember that I do not get paid for these endorsements and that my views do not represent the view of these companies.  I just love these products and think you may too!

Who it is: Started in 2007, is a blog written by Alison Green.  Alison was the chief of staff for a medium sized organization when she started her blog.  Seven years later she is still going strong offering advice on everything workplace that there is.

What it is:  Alison covers many topics from job searches, workplace etiquette, and pretty much everything in between.  She also is very interactive as she not only responds to many reader inquiries but also have a very vibrant and well versed audience whose comments bring a lot to the conversation.

Why I love it:  I don’t even remember how I came across this blog.  Funny thing is I was never really looking for a job.  But this helped me help those around me as it dispelled many “truths” that I thought were the norm and helped eventually my wife find her job.  It has great writing and is an overall great read.

Why you should love it too:  In terms of student loans, the most obvious way to pay them is with your income.  The easier way to pay them is to have even more money by asking for a raise or getting a better job.  Ask a Manager covers this and much more.  In terms of finding a job, it offers advice on interviews, resumes, cover letters and more.  It also covers how to ask for a raise and how to be an overall great employee.  It is simply one of my favorite sites and I think if you need it you will love it too!