Introduction to the Blog: My Favorite Things

The last thing I want to do as a service is to introduce you to some of my favorite things that relate to student loans.  Some of them may seem a little outside the box but it fits into my basic philosophy which is this: paying off your student loans isn’t just about forbearance and repayment plan questions.  It is also about making a successful budget, making more money to make your regular (or even higher) payments, and saving money to make some room in that budget.

I am a bit of a self-help nerd.  In fact my wife just pointed out to me today how many self help books I have.  I think it is because as much as I like to teach, I love to learn just as much.  So we will be using this obsession to your benefit as you learn about my favorite people, what I love about them and how it can benefit you.  We will also break them into several parts if they have really great stuff and because we can’t cover all their awesomeness in this space, we will tell you how you can find out more about them and showcase their products.  If you want a sneak peak into my “favorite things” just check out the tab on the main page!