Introduction to the Blog: My Biases and Assumptions

Here are some of the assumptions and biases I have that if you remember it will help you overall get the most out of this site.  For your convenience I have also posted these in the About Me section of the site.

1. I work for one of the major student loan companies (NelNet, Great Lakes, Fed Loan Servicing and Sallie Mae).  As a result a lot of what I reference will be from that perspective.  Differences between these companies and other companies is for example the DOE hired servicers do not charge late fees while other companies such as an American Education Services will.  However most of this material will still be applicable as if the loans are government backed at all a lot of the same rules and programs apply.

2. I am a huge Dave Ramsey follower (despite the fact he says there is no intelligent life at student loan companies).  As a result I believe you should pay off debts as fast as possible and if possible stay out of debt.  Ironically this makes me a student loan representative with no student loan debt.

3. As a result of number two I am also a fan of creative solutions.  Whenever people call me and are out of options I want to tell them to budget more, save more, and/or work more.  I am huge into coupon websites and finding ways to make extra income.  These loans are here and not going away so we need to do everything we can to move mountains.

4. I love to explain things probably a little too much.  As a result ask me questions and I’ll give you an answer.  But since I’m not at work I’m also pretty opinionated and will tell you if I think your thinking is flawed or you are not being logical.

5. Nothing in the world irritates me more than companies that charge outrageous prices to help students with things like Income Driven plans or consolidation.  Both these things are things you can do for free and with the help of your student loan servicer.  Please don’t get me wrong, I think the services are okay and have considered at some point in my life offering things similar (with full disclosure involved) but I believe there is a lot of deception in believing there is no other way to easily get your account into deferment or lowering your payment without having someone do it for you.  I really do not like it when people get taken advantage of!  Just remember most these companies are simply calling us and requesting things just like you would.  They have no secrets!