Introduction to the Blog: “It’s like Deja vu All Over Again”

First off that may be my favorite Yogi quote.

Secondly, for this first week we are doing some introductory “what to expect” things from this blog.  The one thing I found as I was preparing topics is that many things in student loans overlap and you often times are making the same point for two different topics because it makes it more clear.

I know people have incredibly busy lives and it is impossible to expect you will read every post and if you come in to the game late that you will catch up.  As a result I have made a decision early on that I will repeat stuff as necessary.  So if you feel like you have read this before, you have, don’t worry.  Also remember repetition helps you remember more and the same information can be used in different contexts to build on different points.

I am telling you all this in the idea of being forthcoming as can be, because that is the relationship I want us to build.  Student loans is all about getting all the information you can and using that information to your benefit.