Intro to the Blog: Blogging Format

I realize that blogs are living breathing entities that are constantly changing.  As a result my best laid plan is probably futile.  But let me introduce to you my vision.  I would like to blog six days a week (while resting on Sunday).  During these 6 days you will get a topic for 3 or 4 of them such as “Student Loan Myths,” “How to fill out Forbearance Forms,” “Things you may not know about _____,”, etc.

Also I am going to attempt one day a week to have a favorite things post where I bring you something from one of my favorite people (or if they offer great stuff multiple things over multiple posts) that relate to student loans.  This are quasi advertisement except for I don’t get paid for anything (with the exception of the occasional affiliate relationship but I’d scream from the mountaintop about these products anyway!).  Also then probably three times a week I will bring you other topics to subsidize the main posts that will provide a second post for the day.  I am originally thinking Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday but we will see what works best.

Lastly (as I will cover in another post), I would love to receive and answer questions that I can post on the site.  Knowing what my audience wants to talk about (which is probably what others are thinking as well) will help build a great trust and guidance that I envisioned when I began to dream about this project.