Welcome to Student Loan Insider.  My name is Steve and I am a student loan counselor for one of the major student loan companies.  Through email and phone I have helped over 10,000 people with their student loan questions.

My job everyday is to help people through the crazy world of student loans.  That can mean many things. In one interaction I can help someone who has no job and needs an Unemployment Deferment where as in the next I can help someone who wants to pay off their loans over the next 3 weeks with 25,000 payments but wants to know how much interest will accrue in between.  I have done it all and seen it all.  I have handled the confused, the distressed, the pleasant and the down right angry.  But through it all I’ve done it with one common goal in mind—to help others.

In fact what started as a job has become a passion.  While most my coworkers go home and don’t think about student loans, I find myself reading about them, answering questions on message boards and volunteering  myself to help others.  I have annoyed people I have worked with asking their opinions and thinking deeper into overall student loan issues.

With this in mind this blog was born.  I want to help people.  I want to answer your questions, I want to dig you out of your sticky situation or just make you a little smarter than when you first came.

So here is the plan.  If you have a question, send it.  If you have a thought, I want to hear it.  I will do my best within my time schedule (I do have a job doing this you know!) to help anyone and everyone I can.

There will be so many ways to join in this conversation.  Send me a question, leave a comment, visit me and ask a question on Facebook or Twitter.  View what I see as “other ways” to help with your loans on Pintrest.  Or as I do with my favorite blogs, just read and enjoy.  However you connect, welcome.  And lets start simplying your loans, one topic at a time.